Days Out! - The Drinks Emporium

The Drinks Emporium is the second Matthew Clark event that we've been able to attend since starting The Little Wooden Bar Co. following on from MC's DrinkLoveInspire last year.

With over 500 wines on display, ready to try, we went straight to the important bit; Prosecco Town! Move over wine. We're on the fizz!

This year MC threw some spirits into the mix and it was great to see our friends from Brighton Gin talking everyone through their unique blend of botanicals.

Fortunately, like last year, there was some food on offer, giving us the chance to wind down and process the fact that we'd just sipped on 32 different wines, had the odd glass of prosecco and now several different Gins. While we weren't as impressed with the food this year, we did then go off and listen to a talk about Sushi and Saké, so that helped fill the gap.

The coolest guys in the cocktail booth may have been Monkey Shoulder; with their Decks and pendulum pourer filled to the brim with Old Fashioned. Okay, well it wasn't that full after we were done.

Winner of the nicest wine reps goes to the Fritz Riesling crew, when asked where the wine came from they produced a giant map and were loevely to chat to.