The Little Wooden Bar Co. Legal Agreement

Upon payment of the fee you agree to the following terms:

The Little Wooden Bar Co. will:
Supply all equipment needed for bar operations at the event and be the sole provider of all beverages at the event unless previously agreed.

(If it is agreed that the client will provide their own table wine during an event, it must be removed after meal service has finished.)

The Little Wooden Bar Co. requires the client to obtain and provide a copy of any 'Temporary Event Notice' or 'Premises Licence' required for the event from their local Licensing Authority. Bar opening times will be subject to approval by the relevant authorities.

Payments & Cancellations

When the fee is paid it secures the date of the event and our time, we will not take on any other work which will affect your event. Once a deposit is received we will start all the relevant proceedings for the event. Payment must be received and cleared into our bank in full 15 days prior to the event. If you haven’t paid the fee your event is not secured and we may take other bookings.

The Little Wooden Bar Co. may retain up to the full fee where bookings are cancelled with less than 30 working days notice prior to the event date.

Loading & Unloading

The Little Wooden Bar Co. will require sufficient access to the venue prior to the start of the event to provide and assemble the required goods and equipment and sufficient time between the closing of the bar and having to vacate the venue to enable all goods and equipment to be dismantled, removed and loaded into waiting vehicle/s.

The Little Wooden Bar Co. will require adequate loading/unloading access for all goods required for service. It is therefore essential that no parking restrictions apply that might prevent us from carrying out these activities and that sufficient space is available to enable us to carry out these tasks. If suitable and sufficient space is not available and/or we have to park illegally, you will be responsible for payment of any non-endorsable fines. Under no circumstances will we park or unload in any area where our vehicle(s) may be towed away, clamped, locked in or where we may be liable for an endorsable penalty/commit an endorsable offence.

We use a medium wheel base van to transport our goods and services. It is necessary to have space for the vehicle to be parked near to the bar set up space unless otherwise agreed before the event.

Responsible Drinking

We always encourage responsible drinking and act within the law. We reserve the right to refuse to serve anyone who is intoxicated, acting abusively or acting illegally. If you or any of your party look under the age of 25 we will ask you for proof of age. We operate the Challenge 25 scheme at all parties and events private or public. We will not continue to serve alcohol in the presence of any illegal activity including the consumption of alcohol by minors.


Our stock and provisions may change without notice depending on availability.

Please note that these agreements are subject to change.