What geographical area do you cover?
We cover events in Sussex and parts of Kent and Surrey.

How many bartenders will I need for my event?
All our cash bars come with two trained service staff to tend the bar. If you're expecting more than 80 guests or booking extra services, we will recommend extra staff.

Can you stock my favourite beer/cider/spirit?
Yes! Let us know what you like to drink and we'll make sure we have it behind the bar. Otherwise we will always bring a good selection of stock to keep everyone happy.

Can you provide kegs and tapped drinks?
Because we build our bar on site and do not use power, we focus on frost chilled bottle and can beers and ciders. We are looking into providing keg & tap options for the future.

We need a caterer! Can you help?
Yes! We have lots of friends who'd love to help you out. Let us know what you're after and we'll introduce you to the right people.

How big is the bar? & Where can you set up?
Our bar is just over 3 metres in length and we'd need a minimum set up space of 3.5 x 2 metres. We need a flat, even surface to construct the bar on.

How long does it take to set up?
It's good to assume two hours set up time but we will always arrive to be ready for exactly when you need us.

What glassware do you use behind the bar?
We use plastic half pints and premium poly-carbonate wine glasses behind the bar.

Do you provide glass rental?
We offer premium glass flute rental with all reception drinks and toast packages. We also offer wine glasses and tumblers for the table when purchasing table wine.

Do you require power/electric to run the bar?
Our bar is powerless by design. Meaning no need for generators or PAT certificates. (It's sometimes nice to be provided with some late night lighting though)

Do you take card payments?
Yes. Provided we have access to Wifi or 3G mobile data signal.